golf course design / build

The mainstay of our business for the last twenty years has been design/build of golf courses. Through the use of this method it seems that we are able to save the client a significant amount of money. We also use our in-house shapers and construction crews that are able to work directly for an owner. This creates a scenario where we are on-site and are able to oversee the construction of the complete project. In my opinion, most of the “good” golf course’s, which have been built in the last few years, have been developed using this particular method.

golf course renovation

It has always been our philosophy that golf courses evolve, and are what they are today, based on where they came from. In some cases, golf courses may have gotten out of tune with their original intent, but it is the responsibility of a club or an owner to decide that they would like to update or modernize the golf course so that it maintains the essence of its original intent. We are capable of doing this by providing drawings and staying on-site with the in-house people. It has always been our opinion that, in golf course architecture, through all of these different phases, architects that only develop plans and are not on-site continually are unable to gather the same results as a company such as our own. Being completely absorbed in each project is what sets Mike Young Designs apart from other golf course architectural firms.

master plans

Recently, more clubs have desired to develop long-range master plans, so that they can efficiently allow their golf course to evolve. We have a very detailed template for developing a master plan, and it has helped me to successfully complete many projects.

"For architect Mike Young, a veteran of the Georgia golf scene and also busy in Central America, this could be his much-deserved breakthrough course. Long Shadow combines two styles, with a front nine through wooded riverfront land and a back nine that is discernibly more open and heathlands in style, with a bolder, more scattered approach to bunkering. Unity in the composition comes by virtue of the rough-hewn fescues and native grasses that frame the holes. "